Bringing Technology and clients together...

At ASW, we focus on solving the information technology challenges our customers face in achieving their organizational objectives.  We engage with our customers in a partnership role by understanding their challenges, learning their environments, appreciating their aspirations and assisting in developing their business goals, thus demonstrating our stake in their mission success.

Technical Expertise...

ASW combines our technical and management expertise with environment specific knowledge to solve our clients’ challenges. We customize solutions that empower our customers’ decision making, operational performance, and productivity.At ASW, our ultimate measure of success is not just dependent upon completion of deliverable, rather, it is the impact those deliverable carry on our clients’ growth, function and fulfillment of their core mission. That is how we define ourselves.

Client's Mission Partners..

ASW envisions itself as a mission partner with its clients. In that role, TFSG has engaged in providing its clients project management, business process realignment and business process engineering as well as other management consulting services. ASW’s Management Consulting approach primarily involves analyzing the clients existing organizational needs and developing the necessary plans to help achieve those goals.The following includes, but is not limited to, the services that ASW can offer under Management Consulting.

Our services

Management Consulting Services

Data Services

Software Development

Security Services

Application Support

Web development


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